Captured: 23-year-old Donald Hutchison sought by US Marshals; 'A pretty scary past'

Update (12-13-18): Officials announced Donald Hutchison turned himself in on Thursday, Dec. 13.

MILWAUKEE -- The warrants for his arrest are stacking up. U.S. Marshals and Milwaukee officials are now heavily searching for 23-year-old Donald Hutchison. The Milwaukee man's records show a history of making one bad choice after another.

“Donald is currently on supervision for two counts of burglary as well as a second degree sexual assault of a child,” the agent on his case said. “At this point Mr. Hutchison has a pretty scary past."

Authorities say he was released from prison and placed on GPS monitoring in July, only to cut off his device a month later.

“Since being an absconder, Donald has continued his criminal activity which is extremely concerning to the department and the U.S. Marshals,” the agent said.

The latest charges against Hutchison are for harassing and threatening to kill a member of the Department of Corrections.

Prosecutors say Hutchison used a private line to call a family member of the DOC official and threatened to kill them. He called 112 times. He's accused of also leaving threatening voicemails.

Hutchison's actions are pretty unpredictable at this point," the agent on his case said.

Officials describe Hutchison as standing 5'3" tall, weighing 147 pounds.

"He does have a tattoo on his left arm it's 'D-low,'" the agent described.

Hutchison is associated with 14th and Hauser, on Milwaukee's north side.

U.S. Marshals say they have leads but are asking the community for more information on the 23-year-old’s whereabouts.

“I would encourage anyone that has any information regarding Mr. Hutchison pick up the phone and call the us marshals.” the agent said.

Perhaps this time Hutchison will make the right choice by putting an end to the search. The lifestyle of choices are leading him nowhere fast.

“It’s not going to go away these warrants are going to stay in place,” the agent said. “we will continue to look for him until he is captured.”

Call 414-297-3707 if you can help law enforcement on this case. You can remain anonymous.

Note: The DOC official declined to comment on this story. Out of privacy for the victims, FOX6 News is not naming the locations the alleged threats were made.