Can Rodgers lead the Packers to a win over the Bears?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's a conversation people all over Wisconsin are having -- how does the return of Aaron Rodgers improve the Packers chances of winning Sunday in Chicago?

Head Coach Mike McCarthy announced Thursday afternoon, December 26th that Rodgers would be the team's starting quarterback for the final regular season game against the Chicago Bears.

Rodgers fractured his collar bone on November 4th -- the last time the Packers faced the Bears. Fans say with Rodgers' return, the Pack has a highly increased chance of beating their biggest rivals and winning the NFC North.

"With Flynn it would've been a 50/50 chance. With Rodgers it's probably 80/20," said Packers fan Denny Daniels.

"Percentage with Flynn after the fumble last week in the 4th quarter and what they did with the clock management, 20%. This week with Aaron Rodgers and the team coming around him, I would say 95," said Courtney Buchach.

Most major sportsbooks waited to set a point spread for Sunday's game until the Packers announced who would start at quarterback. Oddsmakers made the green and gold a three-point favorite after hearing Rodgers was back in.

Brokers say the announcement also makes a big difference in ticket sales.

"I think that effect will have a huge market on interest of people in Wisconsin or Packers fans, certainly," said Mike Holzberger with Connections Ticket Service. "Packers fans still do represent a minority of the ticket buyers for this game, and I actually think some Bears fans might sell their tickets because Rodgers is playing. They don't want to go out in the cold and watch their team, presumably, get beat."

Fans say they are feeling optimistic about the game, ready to cheer on their team and its leader.

"I think it's a wonderful decision. I don't think he'll get hurt. I think we're going to have some protection. I think we're going to win the game," said Daniels.

Football outsiders, who focus on statistical analysis, said the Packers chances of winning were 33% with Matt Flynn starting as quarterback. With Rodgers, the formula now says Green Bay is a slight favorite to win.