Campaigns making big push in battleground state WI with one week to go

MILWAUKEE -- Wisconsin is a state with good reason to be tired of politics, but as a battleground state, Wisconsin is being bombarded ahead of Election Day on Tuesday. From campaign ads to candidate visits, both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are doing whatever they can to draw up support in the state with less than a week to go.

"Wisconsin has become the center of the universe for American politics. (The candidates) are flooding Wisconsin. To them, every person that votes might be the difference between winning or losing Wisconsin," UW-Milwaukee Professor of Governmental Affairs Mordecai Lee said.

The attention from campaigns is pushing people to the polls.

"It certainly makes my vote feel a whole lot more important. Wisconsin is going to be so important in this election, so I have to make my voice heard," early voter Jeffery Lopez said.

"Wisconsin, in the past -- we've been more in the shadows, so it's nice that the candidates are taking notice," early voter India McMiller said.

Lee says Wisconsin has cemented itself as a battleground state, and could be the most important in Tuesday's election.

"Wisconsin is one of the few states that is still tied, that still could go either way, so It's logical for the candidates to come here, because they still have a chance of winning here," Lee said.

Wisconsin will see a lot of candidates and surrogates as Election Day approaches.

"It's going to be unbelievable. It's going to be politics, politics, politics from the minute we open our eyes to the minute we go to bed," Lee said.

President Barack Obama will be in Green Bay Nov. 1st, former president Bill Clinton will be in Waukesha on the same day and Vice President Joe Biden will make a stop in Beloit and Surperior on Nov. 2nd.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will rally at Wisconsin's State Fair Park on Friday morning, November 2nd.

President Obama will be in downtown Milwaukee with Katy Perry on Saturday, November 3rd.

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