Cambria man charged in incident that resulted in fire/death

JEFFERSON (WITI) -- A Cambria man has been charged in connection with an incident that resulted in a fire and death of another man.

21-year-old Jose Hernandez Jr. of Cambria faces one count of disorderly conduct, two counts of criminal damage to property, two counts of criminal tresspassing, one count of misdemeanor battery, one count of negligent handling of burning materials and one count of misdemeanor theft.

Officials say the body of 18-year-old Victor Manuel Aguilar-Bustamante was discovered in a trailer at a Jefferson mobile home park after a fire had started in that trailer.

The criminal complaint in the case says Hernandez Jr. had driven to the trailer park on April 13th to attend a gathering at Aguilar-Bustamante's trailer.

The criminal complaint indicates Hernandez Jr. believed his sister had been driving his vehicle -- which was parked outside of Aguilar-Bustamante's trailer. The complaint says Hernandez Jr. believed Aguilar-Bustamante had his keys -- and states that Hernandez Jr. was upset and wanted his keys back.

The criminal complaint indicates Hernandez Jr. was outside Aguilar-Bustamante's trailer yelling loudly and pounding on the trailer -- trying to get someone's attention so he could get his keys. Hernandez Jr. reportedly told officials he gained entry to the trailer by kicking the garage door and breaking it -- along with a window near the garage.

The criminal complaint indicates once Hernandez Jr. was able to gain access to the mobile home, he located Aguilar-Bustamante and a physical altercation ensued. Hernandez Jr. told officials it was "an all out fight."

The criminal complaint says Hernandez Jr. left the mobile home but later returned. He told officials he believed he left his cell phone in the home. The complaint indicates Hernandez Jr. entered through a garage door and lit a match for light. When the match had burned down, the complaint indicates Hernandez Jr. flicked it to the floor.

Inside the mobile home, the complaint indicates Hernandez Jr. found a box of wooden matches and lit them for light. When they had burned down, Hernandez Jr. told officials he flicked them to the floor.

When interviewed by police, Hernandez Jr. told officials he knew flicking the matches on the floor could have resulted in the death of Aguilar-Bustamante -- according to the complaint.

The criminal complaint indicates Hernandez Jr.'s vehicle was eventually discovered in Fox Lake. The criminal complaint indicates a cell phone was found in Hernandez Jr.'s vehicle that reportedly belonged to Aguilar-Bustamante.