California police department's GPS bait package program nets arrest of suspected porch pirate

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- A suspected porch pirate was arrested thanks to a California police department's bait package program.

Anaheim police posted about the program on Friday, Dec. 13 on social media. That's when a local reporter joined detectives to place bait packages equipped with GPS "to deter porch pirates from victimizing residents of Anaheim."

A day later, police announced the arrest of Leonard Ramos, 34.

Police said a package was stolen at 5 a.m. Saturday -- equipped with the GPS technology that led to Ramos' arrest.

According to CBSLA, the station that covered the Anaheim Police Department's bait package program, the GPS technology communicates with nearby cell towers, and once the package moves, police get updates on its location every three seconds -- including how fast the package is moving.