Caledonia resident concerned for family in Colorado wildfires

CALEDONIA (WITI) -- A series of wildfires in Colorado is forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes, including a prison.  The high temps and strong winds have destroyed dozens of homes and scorched thousands of acres near Colorado Springs.

It’s a similar sight for the second year in a row, and Karisa Jurzonska's sister, her mother and nephew are weathering the conditions once again.

“There's no words, it's crazy they have to go through this again.  I just don't want anything to happen to my family,” said Jurzonska.

Her sister, Nicole Lietz, and family live less than two miles from the evacuation line.  Constant phone calls and texts are keeping the two connected during this stressful time.

“If I'm driving, there's smoke everywhere,” said Lietz over the phone.

Lietz said although it's hard to breathe, they're safe for now.  Her mom's home, however, could be in jeopardy.

“The movers called and cancelled her stuff because of where she's located.  We don't know if it's still going to be there,” said Lietz.

While crews continue to battle the wildfires in Colorado, Jurzonska is waiting in Caledonia for an update and another call.

“Just hoping for the best.  I hope they can get this all contained as soon as possible,” she said.

In the meantime, she's willing to assist the others affected more than a thousand miles away.

“I'm hoping we can pull together and at least get some care packages and some donations to try to help,” said Jurzonska.

A representative from the Red Cross in Southeast Wisconsin says chapters out West currently have the resources to support the wildfire efforts.  However, if the fire spreads and materials are requested, it will certainly respond if needed.