Caledonia police: 4 accused of severely assaulting man in fight following road rage incident

CALEDONIA -- Caledonia police on Monday, July 22 asked for help identifying four people involved in a fight after a road rage incident in which a man was severely assaulted. In an update, police said all four were identified, "thanks to some awesome support from our community." They were later arrested.

Police were seeking three females and a male, who were operating a red/gray Buick Regal and a silver GMC Envoy.

Police said the road rage incident happened at 6 Mile Road and Dale Drive around 3 p.m. Sunday. According to police, the wanted individuals got into an altercation with another motorist -- and severely assaulted him in a four-on-one fight. One of the females went as far as using a stun gun on the victim while he was being assaulted by the male, police said.

According to police, the victim, a middle-aged man, was in his vehicle when three females in another vehicle left a liquor store -- and one driver cut the other off. It wasn't clear who cut who off, but what was clear was that better choices could've been made by all involved.

"With road rage, you should never take it into your own hands," said Detective Lakentric Thomas with the Caledonia Police Department.

Thomas said words were exchanged, and the situation escalated at 6 Mile Road and Dale Drive, where the victim exited his vehicle and approached the females in the other vehicle to ask "what she was saying about him," Thomas said.

Another driver, a male, got involved in the fight.

"I heard them say something about, 'Get him on the ground,'" said Amy Randolph, witness. "It's bizarre. Bizarre -- especially when I see the video."

"One of the females went into her vehicle and got a stun gun," said Thomas.

Stun guns are illegal in Wisconsin, according to the Caledonia detective. The victim was hit in his kidney. He refused treatment at the scene and was able to drive away on his own after speaking with officers.

With the three females and male identified, police were working to learn their version of events.

"Explain their side of the story," said Thomas. "We have one side of the story. There's always two sides to every story."

UPDATE: At 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, July 23, Caledonia police indicated all four persons involved in this incident have been apprehended. They credited tips for leading to this result.