'By the grace of God, Issac is here:' 3-year-old boy recovers after he was struck by vehicle

MILWAUKEE -- A 3-year-old boy struck by a vehicle and rushed to the hospital by a good Samaritan has made strides in his recovery. FOX6 News on Sunday, May 26 visited Issac Walker-Kelly and his family after the young boy was nearly killed outside his home near 13th and Hayes on May 4.

"It's a blessing. It is," said Shenika Walker, Issac's mother. "By the grace of God, Issac is here."

Issac Walker-Kelly

The boy was struck by a vehicle as his family was barbecuing in their backyard.

"It was a small get together to celebrate my fiance's birthday," said Walker.

Police said the boy somehow walked away without anyone noticing, and was struck in the street. Walker heard the screams.

"'Somebody's baby got hit.' I rushed to the scene and it was my son," said Walker.

3-year-old struck by vehicle in Milwaukee (VIDEO: Thomas Klitzka)

3-year-old struck by vehicle in Milwaukee (VIDEO: Thomas Klitzka)

Issac Walker-Kelly

A good Samaritan took the child to the hospital -- the gut-wrenching journey caught on camera.

"Very appreciative of what he did for my son. Had we waited for the ambulance, my baby might not be here," said Walker.

Punctured lungs and broken bones were just a few of the injuries the 3-year-old boy sustained in the crash.

"As a mom, to see your child going through that and not being able to help that -- that's very heartbreaking," said Walker.

Walker said she was inspired by her son's strength.

"He means the world to me. He's very strong -- stronger than what I thought he was," said Walker.

The driver who hit the boy stayed on scene.

His family said they're concerned about the speeding vehicles that fly down their street daily, and Walker said they're looking to move away from the area -- indicating they hope this doesn't happen to another child.