Buyer beware: Two Waukesha residents victimized by online puppy scam

WAUKESHA -- The Waukesha Police Department issued a warning Tuesday, March 29th regarding an online scam.

Police say in the last few weeks, two separate citizens of Waukesha were victimized by an online scam advertising puppies for sale in the Waukesha area. In both instances, the victims went online to the website and were eventually transferred to multiple different websites advertising the local puppies.

Once on the fraudulent websites, the victims searched for puppies of all breeds and sizes and eventually got redirected to fraudulent shipping companies.

The victims were sending and receiving emails to subjects who requested MoneyGram transfers of over $1,000.00 in both cases. The initial investigation has revealed that the suspects are not likely U.S. citizens and do not have local ties to our community.

There are victims all over the country who have been scammed in a similar fashion.

Please read the below tips provided by the FBI for avoiding internet fraud: