Butler officers file federal lawsuit that paints them as whistleblowers

BUTLER (WITI) -- More trouble for the Butler Police Department. You'll remember the revelation officers were watching porn on duty, and using unprofessional language, including racial and sexual slurs. Now, the new allegations come from the inside, in the form of a federal lawsuit.

The lawsuit does not specify how much money Butler Police Officer Chad Rahn and Lt. Brian Pergande are seeking, but paints both as whistleblowers - men trying to shine a light on egregious behavior and unknowingly, that light was shined back on them.

Butler Police Officer Chad Rahn didn't have much to say to FOX6 News on Tuesday, February 18th.

"You gotta talk to my attorney. That's all I got to tell you," Rahn said.

The man representing him in a meeting wasn't talking either.

Inside the Butler Village Hall, the two had no difficulty expressing concern about Rahn's work schedule. There are additional concerns raised in an unrelated federal lawsuit filed on behalf of Rahn and another officer.

Among other allegations, the federal lawsuit claims the Butler Police Department, and now former police chief were taking part in lewd and unprofessional behavior -- such as watching porn on the job and using racial and sexual orientation slurs.

Butler Police Lt. Brian Pergande is the other officer named in the lawsuit.

Court documents show Pergande and Rahn wanted to bring their chief's misconduct to light, and were told not to fear discipline and retaliation for doing so - but concerns over the officers' behavior surfaced during the investigation.

Court documents say the village attempted to fire Pergande and Rahn was suspended without pay for a short time.

FOX6 News contacted the attorney representing the officers, but that call was not returned.

Both Waukesha County and the Village of Butler have not seen the court filing yet, and because of that, chose not to comment.