Bus riders can minimize time in the cold, tap into real-time information on the MCTS app

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) wants to remind its riders that they do not have to stand out in the cold as long as they used to. Instead, they can turn to technology to avoid it.

MCTS offers Real-Time Information for all bus arrivals. Riders can access Real-Time via web, phone, text and email. There are also a number of third party smart phone apps that offer Real-Time using the MCTS live GPS feed.

With Real-Time Information, riders can track their bus and get live updates and estimates on when it will arrive. Using Real-Time lets riders avoid standing in the cold - instead they can get to the stop as the bus is arriving!

To access Real-Time Information, visit RideMCTS.com. For more information on how it works and the different ways to use Real-Time, visit our special webpage.