Bus drivers union in Milwaukee County wants passengers to be required to wear masks

MILWAUKEE -- In Milwaukee County, masks are mandated for county facilities. But that is not the case for county buses. Now, the union representing county bus drivers is pushing for that to change.

"All we're asking people to do is wear it when you're on the bus," said James Macon, transit union president. "What you do when you get off the bus is on you."

While it is recommended passengers wear masks or cloth coverings, it is not required.

"We're going to encourage everyone who is utilizing our bus system to wear a mask. But again, we're going to provide as many masks as we can to the public as well," said Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley.

"You never know when somebody might cough and whatnot," said Bejhan Gorgi, a bus passenger.

FOX6 News noticed some passengers wearing masks Thursday -- and others choosing not to.

"That's up to individuals -- each to its own," said Ronald Faison, a passenger.

The Milwaukee County Transit System is responding to the union saying, "MCTS has provided reusable and disposable masks to every bus driver and has handed out tens of thousands of face coverings to passengers. We want everyone to wear a mask while on board, but we don't require at this time because of equity reasons."

"If you can't afford a mask, which the company keeps saying, get something to put around your face something," Macon said.

MCTS said it also recognizes that not everyone can or will wear a mask due to a disability, medical issue, or religious concerns.