BUILD program teaches students ins and outs of motorcycle engineering

MILWAUKEE -- Building a racing motorcycle from the ground up is no easy task. But some students at Bradley Tech High School in Milwaukee are learning how -- and they want to be the best at it.

Bradley Tech students involved in BUILD program

Six students at Bradley Tech in the motorcycle BUILD program have the tools and the motivation. Now, they are turning a Honda motorcycle from the 1970s into a bike with speed and power.

"When they are done, they are a world-class racing motorcycle," said Mark Hoedel, BUILD program mentor.

The students build parts for the bikes from scratch -- and this year, they're adding custom art to the tanks of their machines.

Bradley Tech students involved in BUILD program

In June, the bike the students build will race at the Road America track in Elkhart Lake. They will have the opportunity to compete against five other local groups.

Bradley Tech student involved in BUILD program

"We just have to have a positive attitude; knowing we can do this -- and we will," said Miguel Angel Castro, a Bradley Tech 10th grader.

Beyond the competition, the extracurricular activity teaches science, technology, engineering and math skills.

"There is actually mathematics involved in making a tuned exhaust," said Hoedel.

For each student, it is a way to find their passion.

"When I was little, I would always grab my little cars, destroy them pretty much, and then rebuild them," said Castro.

The other schools competing in the BUILD program are Brookfield East High School, Shorewood High School, St. Francis High School, South Milwaukee High School, and the Running Rebels community organization.

Bradley Tech students involved in BUILD program