Buddy Check 6: Reminder for women to do monthly self-exams; 'Most important thing is that it's done'

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6 is supporting Buddy Check 6 -- where you get in touch with your mom, sister, girlfriend or cousin on the 6th of every month and remind them to do their monthly breast self-examination. Exams are important because the earlier you can find cancer, the better your odds are beating it.

Kathy Wood

Kathy Wood thought she had picture perfect health, but in the blink of an eye her world was flipped upside down.

"It just didn't sit right with me that I had this sore that wasn't healing. It was confirmed that it was breast cancer I would be dealing with," said Kathy Wood, breast cancer survivor.

The then 36-year-old was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Three surgeries, four months of chemo and fifty-two weekly infusions of the drug Herceptin later, Kathy is cancer-free.

"I mean we as moms, we know our bodies, we get that gut instinct when something isn't right. For me it just kept coming back to me and coming back to me and I just couldn't sit with it," said Kathy.

Seven years later, Kathy credits a big part of her successful battle to early detection.

Mason Crosby

"Had I let it go six more months, I do believe I may not be here today, absolutely," said Kathy.

Now, Kathy is spreading that message through things like this year's 'Green Gold and Pink' event -- getting a little help from a familiar face, Packers' kicker Mason Crosby.

Doctor Adam Currey says early detection is beneficial for several reasons.

"It affords women a wide range of treatment options for the disease. If it is not detected early, often times mastectomy is the only course of action," said Dr. Currey, Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Currey says for early stage breast cancer, the curing rate can be as high as 90-95%. It's recommended women start screening at the age of 40.

"The most important thing though is that it's done. I think that when you talk about biannually or annually sometimes it's a case of splitting hairs. The most important thing is that women get screened. Some of the details you can work out later on," said Dr. Currey.

Breast screening exam

Because early detection could save your life.

"Always being reminded it's for my girls. If i'm not taking care of myself, then who is going to be here to take care of them," said Kathy.

Remember, the 6th of every month is time for Buddy Check 6 -- remind your buddy to do her monthly breast self-exam.

If you don't already have a buddy, get one now. You can even sign up to have a FOX6 Anchor be your buddy. For more information, and to join Buddy Check 6, CLICK HERE.