‘Bucket list travel’ trend post-COVID

Grab your sunscreen and passport! There are more destinations becoming available for vaccinated travelers by the day, with the European Union expected to welcome travelers again soon.

Regardless of the destination, though, there are still some limits in place. On airlines, buses and even trains like the Amtrak Hiawatha, you're going to need a mask to go, but a travel agent noted it's changing by the day based upon where you're going.

Riding the jet-stream momentum of the vaccine rollout and updated CDC guidance for vaccinated people Holly Robertson said her phones are constantly ringing at Latitudes Travel, with Wisconsinites looking to get out of town.

"People have questions," said Robertson. "'Where can I go?' and they're gonna need an advisor when they decide to do something."

This, now that health officials say it's safer to do so.

"A lot of people, the trend right now is more bucket list type of luxury travel, so they have that money they haven't spent in two years and say, ‘We gotta do something that really counts this year,’" said Robertson.

But to make it count Robertson said travelers have to do their homework upfront. For domestic trips, Hawaii's now the only state still requiring a COVID test to travel there.

"I would say you need to be flexible because everything is changing," said Robertson.

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Internationally, Robertson said Mexico is popular as no test is required to get there. The European Union's 27 countries are expected to soon accept visitors again, either vaccinated or from countries deemed "COVID safe."

Beyond the border, Robertson said you have to research what you'll be able to do once you get there, ensuring your trip is worthwhile.

"That bucket list trip may be burning a hole in your pocket, per se, but you want to have a good experience, too," she said."You don't want to get to Rome and not have the ruins open."

There are still expectations upon returning from international travel to consider, as well. The CDC advises both vaccinated and unvaccinated people get tested between three and five days after getting back. If positive, you isolate, but if negative, the CDC still recommends unvaccinated people isolate for seven days.