Brookfield software developer creates Field to Freezer, an app that takes some stress out of hunting

BROOKFIELD -- Out in the woods and perched on their stands, hunters hit the land on Saturday, Nov. 23 -- the start of Wisconsin's nine-day gun deer season. Meanwhile, FOX6 News spoke with Matt McCoy, founder of Field to Freezer, an app making things easier for hunters this season.

"Looking forward to chilling in the stand for a bit," said McCoy

McCoy knows when he bags that buck, time is of the essence.

Matt McCoy

"Part of the challenge is once you get a processor, there is generally a long line," said McCoy. "Half an hour, an hour waiting in line."

Utilizing his knowledge as president of Lanex, a software company, McCoy wanted to help streamline the ordering process. He created an app called Field to Freezer.

"Basically, somebody can place their order prior to getting to the processor," explained McCoy. "Once they get there, the processor already knows what they want. They can scan a QR code, drop the animal, and go, as opposed to waiting in long lines and things like that."

With the beta launch, hunters can go online and use the search tool to find business locations nationwide and contact information. In 2020, the process will expand even more.

Field to Freezer app

"We are building the app over the course of the year and finalizing it," said McCoy.

The app also meets a lot of hunters' needs, like knowing the cost and delivery time, while helping navigate ways to deal with chronic wasting disease. The site went live just a few days before the start of the gun deer season and appeared to be a game-changer -- with downloads across the country.

"My hope for hunters is that it takes some of the business and stress out of it and makes it a more enjoyable trip for them," said McCoy.

The app for iOS and Android will be built over the course of the year. You can learn more HERE.