"Bronze Fonz" stands proud for five years on Milwaukee's riverfront

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's been five years since the "Bronze Fonz" found his home on Milwaukee's riverfront. And it appears there are many "Happy Days" ahead for this tourism magnet.

On Monday, August 19th, Michael Agnello of Cincinnati stopped by the Bronze Fonz to take a snap. He couldn't help but smile.

"I cannot wait to go home and show my friends the picture of me and the "Bronze Fonz," said Agnello.

Bronze Fonz on Milwaukee's Riverfront

Milwaukee Awve is the owner of "Untapped Tours Milwaukee," a sight-seeing tour company that's only about three months old. Awve says the five-year-old Fonz statue is a fan favorite about his clients.

"It's untapped. It's a unique thing, you know? It's, probably a lot of people don't know that today is that special day, and I'm happy to show people," said Awve.

Jeannine Sherman is the Director of Public Relations for Visit Milwaukee. She watched the public relate to the Milwaukee icon constantly.

"Our offices aren't very far from here and when you look out the windows, on any given day, you always see someone, here, taking a picture! So, he's always popular," said Sherman.

Sherman says the Bronze Fonz statue offers an indication of the city's diverse offerings -- particularly when contrasted with the Milwaukee Art Museum just a few blocks away. She adds, the statue is particularly popular with many of the travel writers who visit Milwaukee from all over the country.