'Bringing communities together:' Milwaukee hosts national convention for Latino civil rights organization

LULAC national convention in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) kicked off on Wednesday, July 10 its three-day national convention. This year, it is happening in Milwaukee.

LULAC is one of the largest and oldest Latino civil rights organizations in the United States.

"LULAC was formed in 1929 to protect, and defend, the Latino community at that time," said Sindy Benavides of LULAC.

Sindy Benavides

LULAC national convention in Milwaukee

During Wednesday's opening ceremony, LULAC leaders spoke with attendees and the media about the focus of this year's convention.

"This is really the opportunity that we take to make sure that we're harnessing their potential, strengthening their advocacy skills, and that we're really coming together around a common agenda," Benavides said.

The convention is taking place at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee, with attendees checking out seminars on employment and job skills.

LULAC national convention in Milwaukee

"It's thrilling. It makes us have a lot of hope, and it boosts our morale," said Sara Walker, a visitor from Chicago.

LULAC national convention in Milwaukee

One of the topics being discussed in the corridors of the Wisconsin Center was immigration.

"That's mainly why I'm here. I'm here for answers; for solutions to the problems that we face," said Damariz Posadas, a convention visitor.

Posadas told FOX6 News the noticeable support by local and state leaders goes a long way toward helping others like her feel safe and welcome.

"So there is hope that people out there are willing to fight for us," Posadas said.

"We have a laser focus on bringing communities together," Benavides said.

While the convention goes for three days, the pinnacle comes on Thursday. Several Democratic presidential candidates will be taking part in a town hall debate starting at 6 p.m. The event itself is already at capacity, but it will be streamed online. Watch by CLICKING HERE.