Bride promises to wear wedding dress for entire year to get her money's worth

ENGLAND -- A newly-wed bride isn't ready for the fun to be over just yet because she's planning to wear her wedding dress for another whole year.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt, of England, may have tied the knot on Aug. 3 but she is still wearing white.

The bride says she plans to wear her bargain bought, $365 dress for a whole 365 days to get her money's worth.

Just a few weeks into her experiment, Winfield-Hunt has put a smile on many people's faces as they see a woman decked out in a floor-length white gown throughout town.

Documenting the dress' journey on a Facebook page -- "The Life and Times of a Wedding Dress" --  Winfield-Hunt does everything from cooking, cleaning, food shopping, paddle boarding and even attending a concert in her wedding best.

The bride says she will retire the dress on Aug. 2, 2020 finishing the year with an event for charity.