Brewers fan upset over losing her seats at Miller Park

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee Brewers season ticket holder Nancy Bryce says Miller Park is about to ax an entire row of handicapped seating -- including hers. It's apparently part of an expansion at the stadium.

A trip to the ballpark is just about Bryce's favorite thing to do. She attends 20 games a year. She sits in the same spot right in front of the Toyota Tundra section -- and cheers on her Brewers. When she found out those seats will no longer be available for purchase, Bryce was extremely upset.

"They are handicap seats. So it's not like you can just go find another seat," said Bryce.

The Brewers tell FOX6 News, the Toyota Territory is being enhanced for 2014. The ADA-seats in this location will no longer be sold or reserved. Instead, the seats will be free to those in the fan area who need them.

Because Bryce has a neurological disorder, she requires a walker wherever she goes. She is not happy with the options the Brewers are giving her. She won't have an end seat -- and worries about where she'd leave her walker.

"I immediately fired off a letter to Mark A. and copied it to all 20 of the upper management," said Bryce.

Brewers spokesperson, Tyler Barnes, tells FOX6 News, all 15 fans who will be displaced as a result of the expansion have been, "Offered alternative ADA-accessible locations in higher priced areas, but the cost of the seats for these fans will not increase." Barnes says some account holders have accepted their offer. Others have declined.

Bryce says she's going to keep fighting for what she calls the best seats in the house.