Breakdown of fatalities in Oklahoma from Friday night's storms

(CNN) -- The Oklahoma medical examiner's office says 18 people in that state were killed in Friday's storms. The office has released the names of 11; CNN has confirmed the names of three others through a family member.

Here is a breakdown of the 18 fatalities, as listed by the office unless otherwise noted.

Six children and 12 adults were killed in the storms, according to the office.

• William Rose O'Neal, 67, Union City

• Timothy Samaras, 55, El Reno

• Paul Samaras, 24, El Reno

• Carl Richard Young, 45, El Reno

• Richard Henderson, 35, El Reno

• Cory Don Johnson Jr., 3, Oklahoma City

• Maria Pol Martin, 26, Oklahoma City

• Dustin Heath Bridges, 32, Union City

• James Talbert, 65, Luther

• Brandie Kay Perry, 40, Wewoka

• Dorenia Hamilton, 79, Clearview

• *Samuel Cifuentes, 34, Oklahoma City

• *Florinda Santos, Oklahoma City

• *Alex Cifuentes, 5, Oklahoma City

• Unidentified 1-year-old boy, Oklahoma City

• Unidentified boy, Oklahoma City

• Unidentified boy, Oklahoma City

• Unidentified girl, Oklahoma City

* CNN confirmed the names of these three victims -- a married couple and their 5-year-old son -- through the man's brother, Byron Cifuentes.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reports 115 injuries were treated by Oklahoma City area hospitals.