"Brauny, keeping it clean" T-shirts hot sellers

CALEDONIA -- Ryan Braun has won his appeal, after testing positive for a banned substance and having a 50-game suspension overturned last week. Now, you can show your support, as T-shirt companies are wasting no time cashing in on the big Ryan Braun news.

You can be a proud owner of the newest Milwaukee Shirt Guys creation: a T-shirt that says "Brauny, keeping it clean!"

"The funny thing is people don't realize Brauny is also a paper towel.  Keeping it clean," Shirt Guys co-owner Ross Salchow said.  He says he's had his fingers crossed Braun would win his appeal for a positive drug test, after coming up with the T-shirt slogan idea about a month ago.

"It's been a good buzz so far, a lot of internet traffic.  A lot of people want this.  A lot of positive response on our Facebook page," Salchow said.

The Milwaukee Shirt Guys are the guys who brought you "Party like it's '82" and "I moved to West Allis for the chicks" T-shirts, and these guys are confident this will be their next big hit. "We were happy we got to make this one, because this one makes us the happiest," Salchow said.

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