'Brakes For Breasts:' Auto shop to donate a portion of every brake pad job in October to cancer research

MILWAUKEE -- You might dread getting your brake pads changed on your vehicle, but this might change your mind. Hart Auto near 76th Street and Villard Avenue in Milwaukee is participating in a program called "Brakes For Breasts," donating a portion of every brake pad job in October to breast cancer research.

"The more we can do, the better," said Christine Gaspardo with Hart Auto.

"The brake pads are free, and all you have to do is pay for the labor," said Larry Rowell with Hart Auto.

The brake pads were donated by Advance Auto. Customers just have to pay for the work being done, and a donation will be made to Cleveland Clinic's breast cancer vaccine research.

Christine Gaspardo

"This is a vaccination so we don't ever get it, and we don't have to deal with it," said Gaspardo.

The nonprofit organization "Brakes For Breasts" launched the campaign eight years ago. More than $700,000 has been raised.

"They started in 2011 with five shops, and they earned $10,000 that year," said Gaspardo. "Last year, they earned $141,061, and that was 134 shops across 34 states."

Those at Hart Auto said they're happy to be a small part of that -- working to make a big difference.

"We're hoping to put an end to breast cancer," said Rowell.

Officials asked that you please call ahead if you want to get your brakes replaced.

They set a goal of $1,000 at Hart Auto, and would love to exceed that.

There's one other auto shop on Milwaukee's south side also taking part in this effort.

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