Braced for a storm: Organizers of Dodge County Fair prepared for the worst

BEAVER DAM -- Dark clouds were overhead for much of Tuesday, August 18th in Beaver Dam -- where the Dodge County Fair begins on Wednesday. And the sounds of animals were mixed with the noises of preparation Tuesday evening.

"Frankly, there's only so much you can do to be ready for it," said Steve Ward, event coordinator.

Near the grandstands, staff members take precautions by tarping equipment and making sure the stage is safe. In the barn areas, kids prep their animals.

John Merfeld was keeping a close eye on the weather.

"This week in August, you can always expect a good storm," said Merfeld.

Through the years, this fair has seen it all.

"We've seen hail, we've seen 70 mile per hour winds," said Merfeld.

"This is our first challenging year in about five years," said Doug Ninmann, Dodge County Fair Association President.

Everyone was hopeful the worst of it is over -- and they'll be ready for opening day.

The Dodge County Fair runs Wednesday through Sunday. CLICK HERE for more information.