Boy suffering from two rare diseases sells art to help other kids

10-year-old Patrick Foster has two rare diseases. One affects his heart, and the other, his blood. However, being sick isn't stopping Patrick from following his passion, which is creating artwork. Patrick loves to draw, and Friday, he held an art show, where he sold his artwork, and all of the proceeds will benefit other kids who are hurting.

Patrick's mom Cathi says she wakes up every morning thankful that she has another day with Patrick. Patrick suffers from tetrology of fallot, and diamond blackfan anemia, and Cathi says she remembers doctors telling her Patrick's chances of survival would be slim, so she says she savours each and every one of his creations.

"I kind of wanted to keep his pictures all to myself, just in case one day we don't have him. I wanted a piece of him, and I didn't want to let go," Cathi Foster said.

Patrick had other plans for his artwork, and those plans involved working to help those less fortunate. Cathi had volunteered at Royal Family Kids - a place that helps abused and neglected children, so Patrick decided to sell his artwork to benefit those kids.

"Sometimes when I'm drawing, I just think if I can make something happen in the world, and change a life," Patrick said.

Patrick asks that people donate a quarter for his art, but many are willing to give more to a kid who could be focused on his own health struggles, but instead, is focused on doing what he can to change the lives of other children.