"Boston Strong" t-shirts created to raise money for bombing victims

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Milwaukee company has a role in raising money for the victim's of Monday's bombings in Boston.

"Ink to the People" is churning out t-shirts that say "Boston Strong" on them. The slogan and shirts were developed by two Emerson College students in Boston. "Ink for the People" is printing these shirts -- and any profits from the sale will go to One Fund Boston.

So far, the shirts are a hit -- more than 10,000 of them have been sold.

"Nick Reynolds and Chris Dobens are the two students who really put this together and have been marketing it very well, on the news elsewhere, papers on the websites, boston.com and anything else so they've really got a lot of exposure and so everyone is flocking to this site, looking for that shirt," said Todd Richheimer of "Ink to the People."

If you are interested in buying a "Boston Strong" t-shirt, CLICK HERE.