Bold theft, caught on camera: Video shows man stealing woman's purse at Franklin Walmart

FRANKLIN -- It happened in just seconds. Franklin police are sharing video of a bold theft that happened in the middle of the day at Walmart -- caught on camera.

It happened Wednesday, November 1st just before noon in the parking lot of the Franklin store.

The video shows a woman loading up her car when a second vehicle pulls up next to her. Seconds later, while she wasn't looking, a man can be seen running over and stealing her purse, phone and keys before taking off.

"One, two, three seconds and he's gone," said Joel Dhein, who is a former law enforcement officer and crime prevention expert.

It's a scenario Dhein has seen play out over this 30 years in police work.

"It doesn't matter if you're in Newburg, Wisconsin or New York City, you got to be aware of your surroundings. Because it can happen like that," said Dhein. "A lot of victims will say when an officer comes to take a report, 'the person came out of nowhere.' In reality what they're telling us is they probably weren't completely aware of their surroundings."

Franklin police said these suspects are also believed to be involved in a similar theft that happened in Oak Creek, where the suspects stole a purse at a gas station and then drove to the Franklin Walmart where they tried to use credit cards. When they were denied, that's when they targeted the woman loading her trunk.

"They're opportunists. Don't be an easy target. Be aware of your surroundings," Dhein said.

Police records indicate there are three men involved. No arrests have been made. Security experts advise only to keep the door you're using open - and lock all the rest.