Body of deceased female found in cornfield in Town of Ixonia

JEFFERSON COUNTY (WITI) -- Jefferson County Sheriff's officials on Saturday, March 29th responded to a 911 call regarding a deceased female body found in a cornfield.

Sheriff's officials were notified around 12:30 p.m. Saturday.

The body was found in the Town of Ixonia in the area of North Road -- six-tenths of a mile south of County Trunk Highway CW -- just feet from Richard Degner's driveway.

"Somebody thrown away like that -- it's sad," Degner said.

Degner says he never noticed the body, but says until a couple of weeks ago, the cornfield was covered.

"There was a lot of snow," Degner said.

Sheriff's officials say a passerby driving by observed something looking out of the ordinary a short distance from the road.

That individual investigated, and reported the body to the Sheriff's Office's 911 Center.

"It's kinda weird and a little creepy that, you know, something like that would happen," Jenny Maas said.

The man who discovered the body didn't want to talk with FOX6 News on camera, but says he spotted two crows flying over the area from his car. When he walked into the field, he saw the body. He says there was no clothing on the body except for sandals. He says the body looked like it had been there for awhile.

Numerous Jefferson County Sheriff's investigators, along with the Sheriff's Office's Crime Scene Unit were dispatched to the scene.

In addition, the State's Department of Criminal Investigation was called out to help process the scene.

The Jefferson County Coroner's Office was called to the scene -- and an autopsy has been requested.

Sheriff's officials say other law enforcement agencies have been notified to assist in obtaining any leads or information on missing persons that may assist in identifying the body.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Police Department tells FOX6 News it is awaiting the results of an autopsy in order to determine the identity of the deceased, and whether the death is connected to any MPD investigations.

Two independent sources confirm to FOX6 News that Kelly Dwyer's family has been notified that this body was discovered. 27-year-old Dwyer has been missing since October.

Until an autopsy and DNA testing is completed, however, there is no way to officially determine the identity of the body.

"Very sad, and I hope it just gives closure to whoever's family," Maas said.

The investigation is ongoing.