Body of 14-year-old boy recovered after report of drowning in East Troy

EAST TROY -- The body of a 14-year-old boy was recovered Sunday, June 24 on Peters Lake near Camp Timber-lee in East Troy.

Walworth County Sheriff Kurt Picknell said a search was underway after a report came in regarding a possible drowning. Officials said te boy went into the water around 3:15 p.m. and his body was recovered around 7:30 p.m.

The sheriff said Sunday evening this was a recovery effort due to the amount of time the boy was in the water.

Walworth County Sheriff Kurt Picknell

“We have a lot of resources out here looking -- drones, sonar, divers. The last time this person was seen was at 3:10 in the afternoon," said Picknell.

Sheriff Picknell said there were other people out on the lake with the boy, and many challenges during the search.

“The lake depth is probably around 10 feet and the weeds are probably around five feet," said Picknell.

Sheriff Picknell said the boy was not a part of Camp Timber-lee, and he noted the camp shares Peters Lake with rural properties in the area.

It's unclear whether the boy was wearing a life jacket.

“We’ve seen too many drowning so far this year. Proper precautions are something I’d advise," said Picknell.

The sheriff said the boy's family was on scene as his body was recovered.