Board president: Former Greendale superintendent spent nearly $10K on personal items with district card

GREENDALE -- The president of the Greendale Board of Education, Joe Crapitto, released a video news release on Monday, Nov. 4 with information that answers some questions that have been raised about the resignation of Dr. Gary Kiltz.

Superintendent Gary Kiltz

An investigation revealed Kiltz was using his district-issued credit card for personal items. A document released by the school district on Monday detailed the expenses in question. They included a car rental, an expenditure on, more than $2,000 spent at Cascio Interstate Music in New Berlin, thousands of dollars spent with D&M Heating, and more than $800 spent with Delta Airlines. In all, nearly $10,000 was spent by Kiltz.

In the video news release, Crapitto said, "This violation of district policy on credit card use does not represent Greendale Schools, and our school district continues to be successful on many levels. The Board and administration are committed to working together to ensure funds are spent as approved and to ensure our students’ success."

According to a news release, "Dr. Kiltz has verbally agreed to repayment and the attorney is working to arrange for the payment in a timely manner."

The attorney for Kiltz released this statement:

"On October 28, 2019, the Greendale Board of Education accepted the resignation of Dr. Gary Kiltz, Superintendent of Schools. Since then, and understandably, Dr. Kiltz has received several requests for comment. The statement put forth by the Board about this matter speaks for itself. Dr. Kiltz respects the Board's position given the situation and submitted his resignation accordingly. Dr. Kiltz understands that he could have used better judgment in his use of the district credit card. He will be fully repaying all monies in question by the end of this week."

"Dr. Kiltz is thankful for the opportunity to have worked for the Greendale School District and is proud to have worked with so many outstanding professionals. He worked hard to maintain the high quality education that Greendale Schools are known for and to address issues of equity and inclusion that are so important to both students and the community alike. He sincerely hopes this work will continue and the wishes of all of the students, faculty, and staff of the Greendale School District the best of luck in the future."