Board Game Barrister offers personal shopper experience

MILWAUKEE -- As people spend more time at home, many look for ways to make isolation fun. That's where this Board Game Barrister personal shopper comes into play.

"This was I think the most innovative thing that we tried to do," Gordon Lugauer, the Board Game Barrister president said.

The Board Game Barrister is a gaming company offering a wide selection of games, toys and puzzles -- simulating an experience virtually. 

 "I am trying to find a couple of games for the Barrister personal shopper," he said.

Something shoppers would do in-person before the pandemic.

"Our goal then is to reach everybody for whom the games, the toys the puzzles are going to help them get through," Lugauer said.

Those looking for a game fill out an online questionnaire -- such as whose playing, ages, and what type of experience they're looking for. Then the personal shopper will solve the puzzle.

By finding the perfect fit for that gamer. The store is also offering no-contact curbside pickup and delivery options.

Workers say games are a great time sufficient way to socialize and play with the hand we were dealt during this time of uncertainty.

"They give us a really efficient way to have shared experiences where we hare having those social connections with one another in this time when we really that," Lugauer said.

if you're interested in using a personal shopper, or curbside pickup check out their website.