Blue's Egg, Exploit No More, Elevated Chef team up to fight human trafficking with food truck

MILWAUKEE -- The dark and illegal industry of human trafficking is beginning to come to light. With the loss of Sierra and Noelani Robinson, many have wondered how they can help. One opportunity will be rolling by in just a few months.

Known for its delicious menu, Blue's Egg in Shorewood is taking new, tasty creations on the road. Co-owner Chef Joe Muench partnered with Jarrett Luckett, executive director of Exploit No More. The two created a menu for a food truck run by Elevated Chef, a social enterprise supporting minor victims of human trafficking and those at risk.

Blue's Egg

Jarrett Luckett

"Working to make a difference when it comes to human trafficking," said Luckett. "We need community support to get behind us and fight alongside us."

"Felt like we had an opportunity to make an impact," added Muench.

Preparations for the truck to hit the streets were in the works as of Sunday, March 24 when FOX6 News spoke with Luckett and Muench. The vehicle had been purchased, and the floor plan and wrap were being drafted. The whimsical design will hopefully draw customers to support an issue that is no laughing matter.

Joe Muench

"Human trafficking impacts all of Wisconsin," said Luckett. "There is human trafficking that happens in all 72 counties, so it crosses all different socioeconomic backgrounds."

The culinary venture will provide jobs, value and learning opportunities for the young people involved.

"There are opportunities to work on the food truck, but many opportunities to work behind the scenes with marketing, supply chain management, sales," said Luckett. "Having a job helps them realize some of the gifts and  talents they have, and that comes out through working. This is going to be an opportunity to build back up that self esteem.

The food truck will become a vehicle to a successful future.