Bluemound Rd. at Hwy. 100 closed through July 31st

WAUWATOSA (WITI) -- It's the second busiest intersection in the state of Wisconsin -- and it's shut down for almost two weeks!

Starting Saturday, July 20th, just west of Highway 100, two blocks of Bluemound Road were completely closed.

“This project right here is the complete replacement and expansion of Highway 100. And we’re at about the halfway point. We’re on schedule. But the next important phase is what’s behind me. We have to close the west half of this intersection which is the second busiest intersection in the state of Wisconsin for cars,” said Ryan Luck, with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

On Saturday, July 20th, crews began working underneath the road.  Crews will tear up the entire road to get down to a train tunnel under the intersection, repair it, and then put new roadway back on top.

DOT officials say none of the local businesses on Bluemound will have to close, but any drivers who use the road as part of their commute will need to plan ahead and find an alternate route.

“Come Monday morning, if you are driving through here, you are going to want to know that for the next 12 days you are going to want to take an alternate route. Plan a little extra time, plan out your route,” said Ryan Luck, WI Department of Transportation.

The closure is scheduled to start Saturday, July 20th, and go until the 31st. DOT officials say they will try to get done even earlier than that. One of the main reasons for timing the construction right now, is to get it done before the State Fair starts on August 1st.