Blue light bulbs shine in effort to deter crime in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Blue light bulbs may just be used as a light source or decoration. But for one non profit, they're using them to deter violence in high crime neighborhoods.

"It's a symbol of peace but also provides hope," said Dante Chestnut, who is with the non profit "Creating Hope I Love Life," or CHILL. It's an organization that hosts community events and raises money for various violence prevention programs across the city.

"It's just like a block watch program people see other people in the area, and they're like what's going over here's something different Maybe we shouldn't be over here," added Chestnut. "Get the light bulbs out and let people understand what it really means, it's not a black thing it's not a white thing it's a crime and safety issue."

The blue light bulbs or "life" bulbs are used to create awareness about the impact of violence in communities. Violence changed Dante's life. His friends and work colleagues Yolanda "La La" Brown and Jetannue "Kool-Aid" Clayborn were two rising stars in the Milwaukee music industry. They were shot and killed in a recording studio in 2007, and the murder is still unsolved. And in 2009, professional basketball player Lavelle Felton, who was also a member of his family was shot and killed at a north side gas station.

"Stop the violence be able to stop look think before you act try to communicate better and love one another," said Chestnut.

Today, the organization hands out its blue "life" bulbs to businesses and homes with a message of love. During the summer, you'll see Dante and his group of volunteers hand the bulbs out at various events throughout the city. However, you can also buy them, and the proceeds go to the Sojourner Truth House.

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