BloodCenter officials say need for blood great after tragedy

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, the BloodCenter of Wisconsin stepped in -- sending blood to the East Coast.

One day after the tragedy in Boston, Bud Endries donated blood at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin.

"I always feel that the need is there. Not just for Boston -- for everything. Since I started a healthy lifestyle years ago, I decided my blood is as good as anybody's out there," Endries said.

Jerome Gottschall is the Senior Medical Director at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He says when staff at the center learned of the tragedy and the need for blood, they jumped into action.

"When something like that occurs, all of us who are in the blood-banking community think about 'What can we do to help out?' -- if there's a need to help out. We sent some out (Monday) -- a small amount, 15 units to a BloodCenter on the East Coast," Gottschall said.

According to Gottschall, the blood type donated was O-negative, which is a type of blood that can be used in transfusions for those of any blood type.

"Sent some blood up to the Boston area, and it was to really replenish their supplies," Gottschall said.

Gottschall says the need for blood can never be underestimated, and encourages people to donate.

"You can never underestimate or overestimate the need for having an adequate blood supply just for everyday needs, but then to be available if there are urgent needs or even disaster needs, to be able to supply that blood immediately," Gottschall said.

That's why Endries didn't wait.

"It's just the right thing to do," Endries said.

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