Blackout Wednesday: Ahead of Thanksgiving, the preferred meal of choice is of the liquid variety

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- On the eve of Thanksgiving, some chose to celebrate another holiday of sorts: Blackout Wednesday. One of the biggest drinking nights of the year is also one of the most dangerous nights to be on the road.

"A lot of people don't have to work (on Thursday). It's proven with numbers. It's the busiest day. It's going to be really hectic," bartender Jessica Charris said.

Blackout Wednesday tends to be a night where folks reunite with friends. The preferred meal of choice is of the liquid variety.

"It's usually equivalent to a good weekend in one day," Charris said.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is among the most profitable of the year -- not just for bars, but also, for liquor stores.

"This is one of the top five days out of the year. This is what we all live for," Tim Berger, store manager at Otto's in Brown Deer.

Blackout Wednesday may be exciting for bartenders, liquor stores and those going out -- but it's a dangerous night to be on the road.

According to a report by Mother's Against Drunk Driving, fatal crashes over the Thanksgiving period spikes 30 percent.

Thirty-six percent of 19-to-28-year-olds admit they will binge drink.

Bartenders say they're hopeful everyone will be safe. The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office will have extra patrols out all weekend to keep folks safe on area roadways.

"Who doesn't love Thanksgiving? It's the holiday all about food and booze," one person told FOX6 News.

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