Bikers from Brazil to visit 115th dealership in Milwaukee, celebrating 10 years cancer free

MILWAUKEE -- A lot of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts have made their way to Milwaukee for the 115th anniversary celebration, and FOX6 met some bikers on a mission -- both from Brazil, and both named Ana. In Portuguese, their last names mean either Pepper or Olive, and their story added to the flavor of an international party in Milwaukee.

When Ana Sofia DeOliveira noticed this summer marked her 10th year being cancer free, she told her friend Ana Pimenta they should celebrate with a long motorcycle ride. Pimenta, who works for a Harley dealership in Brazil, upped the ante.

Wednesday, Aug. 29 marked 114 dealerships, with one more to go. The trip took them through varied landscapes and changing climates, but there was one constant: The overwhelming kindness of people they’ve inspired along the way.

On Thursday, they were set to ride to Milwaukee Harley Davidson on Silver Spring -- their 115th stop.

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    Harley-Davidson's 115th anniversary celebration culminates with a parade through the streets of Milwaukee Sunday, Sept. 2.