Biden's win is sealed despite Trump's lawsuits, threats

This combination of pictures created on November 4, 2020 shows Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden gestures after speaking during election night at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware, and US President Donald Trump speaks during election n

Joe Biden is on track to become president Jan. 20. The machinery of government and democracy is moving inexorably toward that end despite President Donald Trump’s demands to "OVERTURN" the election.

Trump on Wednesday tweeted he could only have lost the election if it were “FIXED.”

Biden’s victory was essentially locked in Tuesday by the so-called safe harbor deadline set by federal law for states to finish their certifications and resolve legal disputes. It’s an insurance policy to guard against Congress trying to manipulate the electoral votes that will be cast next week and sent to the Capitol for counting on Jan. 6.

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All states have now certified their election results, which means the electoral college will formally recognize Biden's win when it convenes Monday, Dec. 14.

“This ship has sailed,” said U.S. District Judge Linda Parker in throwing out a lawsuit challenging Biden’s win in Michigan this week.

The president's campaign continues to file lawsuits, joined by Republicans in several states, including Florida. The lawsuits are attempting to overturn election results on baseless claims of widespread voter fraud. Trump now says his campaign will join a case in the Supreme Court led by the Texas attorney general, who bases the case on unsupported allegations that have been discredited in other courts.

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However, Trump's legal arguments have been dismissed by judges across the country, including some he appointed. This week the Supreme Court, where he appointed three conservatives during his term, turned aside a bid to reverse Pennsylvania’s certification of Biden’s victory.

Altogether, Trump’s campaign or his allies have seen more than 35 of their court cases fail. Trump has won one, concerning deadlines for proof of identification for certain absentee ballots and mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, and it did not change the outcome.

He also tried to personally pressure Republican officials in Georgia and Michigan into upending Biden's victory in those states, but was unsuccessful.

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Even as Trump cries foul over Biden naming his Cabinet and other senior personnel, the Trump administration is working with the incoming Biden administration on the transition. Republican lawmakers are adjusting to the transfer of power while still declining, for the most part, to acknowledge Biden’s victory out loud.

Biden is set to finish with 306 electoral votes -- a total Trump called a landslide when he won by the same amount in 2016.