Bicyclist treks across Midwest, seeks to 'change the dialogue' about gun violence

Scott Hite

MILWAUKEE -- A man riding his bicycle through the upper Midwest is on a personal mission when it comes to addressing gun violence.

Scott Hite is the director of He says it is a hotline for people who are thinking about using a firearm for violence; a place to call before they do something they regret.

Scott Hite

"There has never been a hotline for people wanting to use firearms for violence. It's very important now to change the dialogue about gun violence," Hite said. "And if people can be helped instead of becoming demonized, it's really important to me to change the dialogue."

Hite started his bicycle trek in Michigan. He has ridden roughly 3,100 miles through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas City, North and South Dakota, Minnesota and now Wisconsin.

If you are interested in learning more, visit or call 833-924-8663. Hite says the hotline has been active since May -- and all calls are confidential.