Beware of bed bugs! What to look for and how to prevent the pests from coming home with you

NEW BERLIN -- For Wisconsin families not digging the snow, they are booking flights and heading south for warmer climates. But after checking into your vacation hotel, the team at Batzner Pest Control has some important advice.

Bed bug

It might be the perfect time to trade evergreens for palm trees, and snowbanks for sandy beaches.

"They are small and sleek. They can fit into confined places very easily," said Steve Counsell, Batzner Pest Control development manager.

Counsell is all for that -- he just wants you to prevent bringing back bed bugs.

Steve Counsell

"You can get your cockroach calls and your bed bug calls with, 'I think I might have brought this home,'" said Counsell.

Counsell says above all, be aware!

"Being aware of what particular pests look like in this case, bed bugs, the different life cycles, the adult, the nymphs, the eggs," said Counsell.

And aware of where specifically to look for the signs of bed bugs.

"Pull back the sheets and look along the creases of the mattress, especially the headboard -- that's really your main focus," said Counsell.

If you don't find any there, the chances are good the entire room is bug-free. Counsell also suggests wrapping luggage in trash bags during the ride home from the airport, unpacking in the garage and putting your vacation clothes directly in the dryer.

The Batzner Pest Control does recommend calling a professional to prevent the situation from getting worse.