Betty Brinn Children's Museum opens new Weebles exhibit

MILWAUKEE -- Weebles wobble but they won't fall down! You may remember that catch phrase back when the hit toy made its mark in the 1970s. Now, your kids can enjoy the world of Weebles at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum. The museum just opened the Weebles Coast to Coast exhibit.

The new exhibit allows children to take a trip across the country with the Weebles. "When we were talking about what might connect with people, Weebles really came to mind. They're sweet, they're friendly and everyone knows Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down," Betty Brinn Children's Museum Advancement Director Kristen Adams said.

Hasbro and the Betty Brinn Children's Museum worked together to design the exhibit. "It's an opportunity for children to explore activities in each of the 50 states, and learn about geography, U.S. history, a little bit of culture," Adams said.

The kids can go fishing in Minnesota, pick a Georgia peach, stargaze in Nevada, or dig for dinosaur fossils in Montana. "I've never seen dinosaurs before, so we can see what they would look like if they were still here," 10-year-old Betty Brinn visitor Christy Herrmann said.

The exhibit will only be at Betty Brinn through the beginning of September, and then it's going on the road. "We're planning a five-year tour right now, so it's going to go to other children's museums and science centers so children and families across the country can enjoy it," Adams said.

The revenue generated from that tour will then be used in Betty Brinn's outreach programs to get more kids to the museum and put more smiles on little faces.

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