Best wireless earbuds for your smartphone

In case you haven’t heard, Apple is delaying the launch of their wireless AirPods. In the meantime, here are some perfectly good picks for Bluetooth wireless earbuds that will make a great companion for an iPhone 7 or really any smartphone.

Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless, $80

These are geared towards working out, but you can use them every day. I like the rubber around the buds that helps hold them in your ears. What I don’t like is the dual bulkiness on both sides – there is a controller and a battery. These are sweat proof and give you an hour of music with just a 10 minute charge.

PureGear PureBoom Wireless Earbuds, $90

These earbuds have a neat feature – magnets on the back! Join them together and the earbuds automatically turn off. This is a big deal – it makes life easier and also means that your battery won’t drain when you forget to turn them off. You can pair the PureBoom earbuds with 2 devices at once. Plus, you can use the button on them to activate Siri or Google Now. They’re also sweat resistant!

JLab Audio, Epic2 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds, $100

These are my favorites out of the bunch. They’re simple, lightweight, always stayed in my ears, and I hardly ever had to charge them. The only downside is that they don’t look as premium as their $100 dollar price tag. Other than that, I ran a lot with these. They are a great pair of everyday wireless headphones that also make great workout headphones since they’re sweat and splash proof too!

Since they are my favorites, I asked JLab if they could set up a coupon code so you can save some $$$ on them. Enter code KTLARICH at checkout on Amazon and you’ll save $20!

Samsung Gear IconX, $200

Consider these if you really want that AirPod experience. They are geared towards Android phones but I found they also work with iPhone as well. They are super minimalistic, which might be somewhat of a problem. For some reason, they always seemed to have a dead battery whenever I wanted to use them!

If you do remember to charge these, you get a bunch of neat features if you use them with an Android device – they have a built in heart rate monitor, store music and even track your fitness activity!