Best Buddies holds Friendship Walk this weekend

GREENDALE (WITI) -- Within the past 2 1/2 years, Rachel Konetzke and Christi Glines have become very close friends.

"We get together for lunch and we love to go to Ferch's and get custard. We`ll text each other and talk about sports, we`re both really big sports fans," says Rachel.

Rachel and Christi met through the organization Best Buddies.

This program builds friendships between people with disabilities and people without disabilities.

"We will ask them what interests them, do they enjoy going to baseball games, do they enjoy going shopping, and then we bring them together based on similar likes and interests," says State Director of Best Buddies Wisconsin Theresa Nemetz.

Best Buddies has programs for people in middle school through adulthood, but they're most in need of adult volunteers.

"We`re really seeking individuals who that are interested in committing a year, committing to a friendship, and really making an impact on someone`s life," says Nemetz.

This Saturday, Best Buddies is hosting a Friendship Walk to educate people about its programs and to raise funds.

But for Christi and Rachel, this experience has been priceless.

"She`s been always there for me when I need someone to look up to and I just have a good relationship with Rachel," says Christi.

"I think being a part of Best Buddies it opens your eyes to all of the gifts that a person that may be different from you or a person with a disability has to offer to a friendship, to the community, to the area that they live in," says Rachel.

And no matter where their lives lead them, the two plan to be friends forever.

The Third Annual Friendship Walk is this Saturday at 10am at Manpower Group on the Downtown Riverwalk.

Participation is free but fundraising for the event is encouraged.

For more information, CLICK HERE.