Best Black Friday deals 2017

Black Friday shopping has expanded to start the day before Thanksgiving and into the Tuesday after Cyber Monday. Here are some online resources to help you nab the best deals possible for 2017!

Black Friday is one of the top shopping times of the year. Just about every retailer is vying for your attention with doorbuster deals that make you want to pull out your wallet immediately. Here are some websites and tips to help you find the best deals AND verify they are as good as they sound.

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I like Slickdeals because it uses the wisdom of the crowds to both surface and verify deals. The website is made up of millions of community members who are constantly scouring the web for deals. When they find one, they post it. Other members then give their opinion of whether it’s actually a good deal by giving it a thumbs up. The best deals rise to the top and make it to the front page, where they often sell out fast.

We talked to Josh Meyers, CEO of Slickdeals. He told us the site is so popular because “consumers want to know that this deal on this product is actually the best deal.”

Slickdeals also slices and dices retailers’ Black Friday ads and ranks each deal – so you can instantly see the best in-store deals.

Some top deals Meyers mentioned:

A Google Home Mini at Target for $29

A PlayStation at Kohl’s for effectively $140

A 50 inch 4K TV at Best Buy for $180

Best Days for Deals

According to Adobe Analytics data, people will spend $107.4 billion online this holiday shopping season.

Here are their best days for deals:


    DealNews is another deal website I really like. It employs a team of experts to help determine which items are amazing deals. Every day, they publish a list of their favorites. We also talked to spokesperson Janice Liberman, who said: “pretty much anything that you’ve been waiting for will be cheaper on Black Friday.”

    But, before you shop until you drop, Liberman warns “you really need to do the research first before getting carried away by the low prices.”

    Her tips for holiday shopping in general: “make sure you check all the return policies. There could be a 15 percent restocking fee. There could be final sales, there could be credit only . You really need to know before you purchase what your return rights are,” concluded Liberman.