Benjamin Sebena to stand trial in murder of wife, Officer Jennifer Sebena

MILWAUKEE -- Benjamin Sebena, the man accused of killing his wife, Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Sebena on Christmas Eve, was back in court on Thursday, January 3rd.

Sebena waived his right to a preliminary hearing and was ordered to stand trial in the case.

In a wheelchair and wearing a suicide prevention vest, Benjamin Sebena did not look at the public viewing gallery as he was wheeled into court. Sebena answered questions, mostly about understanding his rights.

Benjamin Sebena is accused of shooting his wife several times in the face as she left the Wauwatosa Fire Department while on duty early Christmas Eve morning.

Police documents show Benjamin Sebena, a former Marine who was nearly killed in Iraq suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

One woman, who asked FOX6 News not to provide her name, said she suffers from PTSD after a brutal rape. She says PTSD is powerful enough to change a person's personality. 

"It's real. It can happen to anybody, and it could be as a simple traumatic experience. It is constant anxiety. It is constantly looking into the future. People need to be aware of it and know the signs as soon as they start," the woman said.

Lawyers say PTSD is strong enough for a defense.

Attorney Jonathan LaVoy says it can be a tough defense case, and says Sebena's lawyers would need to prove there was no premeditation.

"Did the person try to cover their tracks or cover up their behavior afterward?" LaVoy said.

Sebena is due back in court later in January.

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