'Being ignored:' As lawmakers debate 2nd round of stimulus checks, some in Wisconsin still waiting for 1st

As lawmakers debate a second round of stimulus checks, some in Wisconsin are feeling overlooked. They're still waiting for money from the first round.

"All my working life I've paid into the system," said Joe Klein.

Klein fears he's fallen through the cracks.

"We feel like we're just being ignored," he said.

Since April, millions of people have received stimulus money from the federal government. Klein isn't one of them.

"No one else that I've called cares," said Klein.

Sue Callies

Sue Callies is also still waiting.

"I'm just, I'm frustrated," she said.

Like Klein, Callies said she qualifies, but whenever she calls the IRS, she said she gets a different explanation.

"We don't have enough information," said Callies. "We're working on it."

Now, Klein and Callies are worried they'll be left out again.

Joe Klein

"Especially because of the talk of another stimulus when they can't, when they can't even get the first one straight," said Klein.

Since April, the IRS has delivered more than 159 million economic impact payments -- 2.9 million of them to people in Wisconsin, but how many are in the same position as Callies and Klein? An IRS spokesman told FOX6's Contact 6, "We don't have those stats available."

"This is a massive program," said Senator Ron Johnson. "Hundreds of millions of checks are going out, and there's going to be some issues and problems."

Johnson opposed the first round of stimulus checks. Since then, his office has been fielding calls about missing money.

Senator Ron Johnson

"I understand how it's frustrating," said Johnson. "Our office is doing everything it can to work with constituents so they get the checks they deserve, but I also give the IRS a little slack here -- trying to do something pretty tough that's pretty difficult."

The IRS is now taking questions about stimulus checks, by phone and appointment. There's an office on Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. In the past, the IRS would direct people to IRS.gov.

"I'm somewhat sympathetic with the task that federal workers working for the IRS are having to deal with in COVID, working remotely, obsolete systems with a massive program all of a sudden having to be implemented within weeks," said Johnson.

"I just don't understand what's going on," said Klein.

If a second stimulus is passed, neither Klein nor Callies are optimistic they'll see that money.

"I feel like, oh the government is doing something for the people, and it's like, you're not part of it," said Klein.

Since speaking with Contact 6, Klein provided new routing information to the IRS. He's waiting to see if that makes a difference.

Meanwhile, another round of $1,200 stimulus checks is under discussion on Capitol Hill -- but Senator Johnson is against that plan, too. He calls it, "A waste of taxpayer money," and says any financial support needs to be more targeted to those severely impacted by COVID-19.