Bay View restaurant starts 'Adopt-a-Medic' effort to feed pandemic's frontline workers

BAY VIEW -- Hospital workers are risking their lives every day during the coronavirus pandemic, and one local eatery is showing appreciation for those frontline workers -- one soup at a time.

An empty kitchen seems strange, but it's what business at The Soup Market in Bay View is nowadays.

"Still here, the lights are on," said Dave Jurena, owner of The Soup Market. "Just thinking about this is our new normal. We had 29 employees a month ago and we have five left. I think we're down 90% of what would be normal right now."

COVID-19 majorly impacted the market, but despite the hard times, the cafe is giving back. The restaurant is collecting donations, using them to make soup for those on the front lines.

"We total up how much money was donated and then we figure out how much soup that is and deliver it to area hospitals," Jurena said.

Jurena calls the effort "Adopt-a-Medic."

"If this brightens their day that's great. It's all we can ask for," said Jurena. "We're glad to help out."

On Tuesday, April 7, the soup was headed to Froedtert employees -- hoping to bring some relief to the ones risking their lives every day to help others fighting COVID-19.

Dave Jurena

"If all it takes for us is to sit around and chop some vegetables and deliver it and give them some sort of break in their day," Jurena said. "That's kind of like the least we can do."

Hoping to serve more than 100 cups during the week, Jurena is stirring up some positivity, hope and support -- soup helping others make a difference.