Bay View gym reopens with 10-person limit: 'If you want to wear a mask, it's up to you'

MILWAUKEE -- After finding ways to stay fit in quarantine for months, breaking a sweat never felt so good. That was the case at Brickyard Gym in Bay View -- one of several fitness centers to reopen during Memorial Day weekend.

"I made sure I was up and ready to come in this morning," Ryan Fondrliak said.

The facility reopened after the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the state's coronavirus stay-at-home order on May 13.

"Two months was enough," said Sylvia Toth of Brickyard Gym. "I think we were ready. We were ready."

The gym reopened Saturday, May 23 -- but things are a little different. Several safety precautions have been put into place for those getting their heart rates up.

"We clean everything off, hand sanitizers," said Toth. "You can wash your hands in the bathrooms. If you want to wear a mask, it's up to you."

Only 10 people are allowed inside at once. While masks are not required, employees asked people to exercise social distancing.

"If someone comes in, let's say we have 10 people here, and there's the 11th person comes in, the person needs to wait here," Toth said.

"Until there's a better handle on things, I think it's something that needs to happen, especially in a place like this," Fondrliak said.

Those working out said they're thankful for the recent gains in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

"'It's real good to be back," Fondrliak said.