Barrett declares victory in Milwaukee mayoral race

MILWAUKEE -- The big race on the ballot for Milwaukee Tuesday, April 3rd is the race for Milwaukee's mayor, and incumbent Mayor Tom Barrett was on the ballot, facing relative newcomer Edward McDonald. Barrett declared victory in the race Tuesday night.

On Friday, March 30th, Barrett announced he will be running in the state's gubernatorial recall election.

Tuesday night, Barrett planned a "victory party" at Derry Hegarty's Pub. Barrett's supporters said they were "cautiously optimistic" as they watched the results roll in Tuesday night.

At Barrett's event Tuesday night, there were nomination papers available for supporters to sign in Barrett's run for governor in the recall election. 2,000 signatures are needed, and supporters say they have 2,000 signatures, but are hoping for more. They say the signatures will be handed over to the Government Accountability Board Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Barrett cast his ballot Tuesday morning at the French Immersion School and said he got a haircut earlier Tuesday, the sun was shining and he was feeling good. When asked if there is a problem running for mayor and governor at the same time, Barrett said "no." The question is where Barrett can have the most impact.

"Everyone who knows me, knows I love this city. The issues we face - jobs, economic development throughout the city, improving education, improving public safety - those are issues facing the city, and the state as well," Barrett said.

Barrett says he trusts the people working for him to handle all the challenges of running the campaigns, and he trusts the voters to make the right decision.

Barrett has planned a news conference at Talgo for Wednesday morning, April 4th and another news conference at the state Capitol at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday when it's expected he will officially launch his campaign for governor.