Barrels of toxic chemicals discovered in abandoned factory in Slinger

SLINGER -- Dozens of barrels of toxic chemicals were discovered in an abandoned factory in Slinger. Now, federal officials are scouring the scene to determine how to clean it up.

Outside a former metal plating company, government agencies gathered Wednesday, September 12th. $50,000 worth of federal money has been set aside to deal with toxic chemicals found inside.

The Environmental Protection Agency documented dozens of drums labeled as copper cyanide, nickel sulfate, nitric acid and sodium cyanide -- some of which can be extremely hazardous.

"The concerns were someone could possibly get in -- one of the containers could possibly tip over and spill, and there could be an uncontrolled reaction or possibly a fire started within the building and a release of gases," one official said.

Officials say the company -- Niphos Coatings, closed down a few years ago. Property taxes are unpaid since 2007. Last month, village inspectors went inside the facility to make sure nothing dangerous was left behind, and found the chemicals.

Neighbors in the area told FOX6 News they're concerned.

"I've got a four-year-old that runs around, and we ride bikes around the block to get mail. No one goes in or out of the building, but if there's chemicals it's not good for us," Rose Hernandez said.

The EPA says it plans to start removing the barrels next week and take them to a proper disposal site. They're also planning to try to recoup the cost from the company's owner.